Convert Your MTN Airtime Only at 20%

Pls Note : The Minimum You Can Convert is #1000

To transfer credit is also very easy and quick.
You can use any of the following MTN Share and Sell code: Send an SMS in this format: Transfer, the recipient’s number, the amount to be transferred, your transfer PIN to 777. E.g. to transfer 500 Naira airtime to 09031713378, send Transfer 09031713378 500 4321 to 777. After sending the message, a reply will be sent to you to confirm the transfer. You will do so by sending YES to 777. You can dial this code: *600*the recipient’s number*the amount to be transferred*Transfer PIN#. For example, *600*08031334568*500*4321# from your phone and then press send/ok. Once the transfer has been completed, an SMS will be sent to you to inform you of the successful completion. This is quite convenient and easy. Once you have activated the service, you can then begin to transfer airtime using the MTN Share and Sell code. We hope this information has been helpful for you. 
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